All 4xx HTTP errors returned by the API use the format below:

{"field": "error message OR ERROR_CODE"}

In the case of errors where a field that's required by the endpoint is missing or has an invalid value, you will receive an error message.

In some cases, an error code is returned. Below are these codes and an explanation of what they mean:

Error CodeExplanation
DUPLICATE_TRANSACTION_FOUNDThe transactionId you provided is already associated with another payment intent. You can only create one intent per transaction. To create a new one, you need to cancel the existing intent.
BUYER_NOT_APPROVEDThe buyerId is not approved by NetNow and therefore does not have a credit limit associated with their account.
BUYER_NOT_FOUNDThe buyerId is not associated with any accounts at NetNow.
CREDIT_EXCEEDEDThe request you made will result in the buyer exceeding their credit limit.
UNCHANGEABLE_INTENTYou attempted to change a payment intent that is final. Once an intent is in the status cancelled or confirmed it cannot be changed.
INCORRECT_TRANSACTIONEach payment intent is associated with only one transaction. The body of the request included an incorrect transaction ID for this intent.