NetNow provides a UI component to consume Payment Intents.


yarn add @netnowfinancial/netnow-react-sdk

// OR

npm install @netnowfinancial/netnow-react-sdk


The package includes NetNowView. This view includes a modal and a customizable button which opens it. The button is customizable so that you can provide your own ButtonComponent and keep the design more consistent with your theme. Here's an example:

import { NetNowView, PaymentIntent, ClickableProps } from '@netnowfinancial/netnow-react-sdk';

export default Checkout = ({}) => {  
  const Button = ({ children, onClick }: ClickableProps) => {
    return (
          height: "48px",
          width: "200px",
          border: "solid",
          borderWidth: "2px",
          borderRadius: "16px",

  const confirmIntent = (paymentIntent: PaymentIntent) => {
    // call backend. see `Confirm Payment Intent`

  // see `Create Payment Intent`
  const paymentIntent = fetchPaymentIntent()
  // Here is a mocked intent
  // const paymentIntent = {
  //          id: '123',
  //          buyer: { id: '321' },
  //          amount: 527689,
  //          currency: 'CAD',
  //          net_terms: 30,
  //          fee: 250,
  //          status: 'initial',
  //          created: new Date(),
  // }

  return <NetNowView
          modalOpenOverride={false} // use this to open/close the modal manually, for example after intent is confirmed
          onConfirmPayment={() => confirmIntent(paymentIntent)}

Which will render:


What if I don't want to show this button?

To hide this button, for example in the case that you don't want to offer payment with net terms to a specific buyer or on a specific item, set paymentIntent to undefined in the props.

Clicking on the button will open the following modal: